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Due to COVID-19, until further notice, the Lastest Version of the Adult and Child Treatment App can be used at no a web app

Hopefully it helps those providing remote mental health therapy.

Latest Version in English or Spanish (072020) Features :

40 for Adult Version and 31 for the Child Version of the Most Common Problem Areas Faced in Practice

Symptom Checklist Based on Diagnosis and Category Type

Hundreds of Goals and Interventions

Hundreds of Bonus Goals and Interventions

Recommended DSM5 Diagnosis With Differential Diagnosis Options

Diagnostic Criteria for Recommended Diagnosis

DSM5 Complete Disorder List and Codes

Editable Print Report to Edit, Copy and Paste, or Email

This a Beta please report any typos, bugs or missing links or information, recommendations are welcomed.

Just Click: HERE for the New Adult Treatment Planner English Version to go to the Web Based App, and Bookmark it.

Presione Aquí: Para la Versión Nueva en Español del Planificador de Tratamientos de Adultos en Psicoterapia

Just Click: HERE to go to the New Child Treatment Planner Version (Spanish Version coming soon) and Bookmark it.

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